All Will Be Well

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"Then when you don't see me anymore, I will be where God is," said Mima, "because God loves you and God loves me, 'All will be well, all will be well, everything will be well.'"
Mima is very sick, and just thinking about it makes Julian very sad and very angry. Julian is worried about Mima and wonders if God can hear her or if God cares. So Mima explains to Julian that God loves us and that God can be trusted—even when we are sad or angry. This gentle story of a grandmother's love for her granddaughter incorporates the timeless wisdom of Julian of Norwich: because of God's great love for us, all will be well.
Written by Lacy Finn Borgo and beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Evans, All Will Be Well tackles the sensitive subjects of death and grief in a way that can be understood by children when adults read thoughtfully with them. Also included is a note from the author to facilitate further conversation about the content.
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