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Revealing the Truth That Sets You Free Imagine for a moment that everything you thought to be true, wasn’t true at all… That’s exactly what happened to Lisa Brockman, a fifth-generation Mormon with direct lineage to the church’s early leaders. For 18 years, religion permeated her entire life. Her belief was unwavering. And then she met Gary. Lisa had never heard of a born-again Christian. She’d also never met anyone who talked about Jesus so much. Soon what felt like a firm foundation turned to quicksand under her feet. In Out of Zion Lisa shares her journey away from the faith of her ancestors and explores the key conversations that led to her conversion to Christianity. If you have reached a place of questioning what you believe or long for confidence to share your faith with others, Lisa provides the framework you need to…understand the nuances of the history and evolution of Mormon culturelearn to identify the vital differences between the Mormon plan of salvation and biblical salvationcompassionately engage in conversation with your Mormon friends and neighbors As you come to a fuller understanding of your own faith, your hunger to worship God will grow, and you will be better equipped to articulate your faith to others.
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