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"Both visually and spiritually lovely, the Pray Together Magnetic Bookmark Set focuses on the Christian way of life, where our own importance decreases as our reverence for God increases. This can only happen by living a life of prayer and not fear, and recognizing all the ways God provides for us.
The magnetic bookmark set is adorned in vivid fall colors of green, orange, and yellow and features flowers, berries, acorns, and birds. Each bookmark highlights an inspirational saying or Scripture verse on the front and a Scripture verse reference on the back. The text is written in expressive, vibrant cursive.
Pray together
Isaiah 58:11
Greater is He
1 John 4:4
Where God guides, He provides
Matthew 6:9-13
Jesus is the Light
John 1:4-5
God is my refuge
Psalm 25:20
Do not fear
Psalm 11: 3, 7
Fear and uncertainty can be stressful and debilitating and frequently interrupts our lives. With these scriptural truths in mind, we do not have to worry about anything; God is the most secure refuge!
Every bookmark consists of two magnets that can unfold and be clipped around any chosen page and at any designated line to return to your reading quickly. The bookmarks prevent dog-earing, wrinkling, or tearing of paper, while still being secure enough to not slip from the page.
The Pray Together Magnetic Bookmark Set would be a thoughtful gift for an avid reader, given either individually or as a set. The Pray Together Magnetic Bookmark Set is also just the right size to slip into a Christmas stocking for a studious granddaughter!
Set of 6 Fall-themed Magnetic Bookmarks
6 Full-colored Rectangular Folded Magnets
Packaged on Backing Board in Cellophane Self-Seal Bag
Packaging Size: 188 x 83 x 5mm
Magnet Size: 60 x 20 x 3mm
Distributor: 316europe

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